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Black Milk Tea

bubble milk tea

Our signature Tea is our house-roasted Hojicha Milk Tea with less caffeine through our roasting process, but brilliantly generating a Smokey roast flavour.

Watermelon Green Tea

watermelon green tea

Refreshing watermelon with chunky pieces and combined with that classic green tea flavour. Can be enjoyed on its own, but works well with any toppings!

Thai Milk Tea

thai milk tea

Made with authentic Thai Tea that is flavourful and fragrant. Combined with condensed milk that brings out an earthy and nutty sweet flavour. Definite fan favourite.

Matcha Latte

Matcha latte

Using only premium matcha powder, combined with non-homogenous milk for extra creaminess, add a hint of sweetness and you have a delightful milky matcha drink!

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All Natural & Full flavoured

our philosophy

Teaology Lab is committed to producing full flavoured premium tea and coffee drinks that are sourced from high quality natural ingredients and most of all, delicious!

We spend time carefully crafting and testing our drink recipes at the teaology lab for the enjoyment of our customers. 

Customer satisfaction is important to us and we aim to ensure our customers walk away enjoying our drinks every time.